How to post pictures and videos on the forum

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How to post pictures and videos on the forum

Postby Beakster » Sat Oct 17, 2009 12:30 am

Here's a guide on how to make a photograph appear in your post.

First of all you will need a Photobucket account. Photobucket is a website which allows you to maintain a library of images online for free. To create an account, go to and click the "Join Now" link. You can open photobucket in a new window or tab in your web browser so you can keep the forum open at the same time.

Once you have created your photobucket account, login to with your new photobucket username and password. You can then upload photographs from your computer, your phone, by email, or from another website. If you are having problems doing this see the Help sections on Photobucket.

When your photo is in photobucket, hover your mouse pointer of the picture you want to post and a small box with links will appear below:


Click on the text in the box to the right of "IMG Code", this will high lite it. Hit "Ctrl C" on your keyboard to copy the link, then come back to the tab or window the forum is in and hit "Ctrl V" to paste the link at the point in your post where you want it to appear. When you post you link then your photo should be there. You can also click the preview button to make sure you have put the right pictures in the correct place.

It is also possible to embed a video from YouTube in your post to do this click the YouTube button above. Then between the tags add the YouTube video ID. This is the collection of letters after the = symbol and before the & symbol (if there is one) in the URL.


Copy the highlighted bit above and paste it between the YouTube tags so it looks like this:




Currently there seems to be a slightly different response depending on the browser that you use.
It is still necessary to go to the IMG tag box. If you click in this box and it tells you that the code has been copied than just right click and 'paste' in your post on this forum.
If you click the IMG box and the code is high lighted in blue, right click then 'copy' then right click and 'paste' in your post on here.

If you have any problems pm admin.

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Re: How to post pictures on the forum

Postby elliott3.0s » Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:24 pm

Thanks for this....

The 'vein was going' shortly before i noticed this!

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