Where is everyone from?

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby N-spoorder » Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:52 pm

Hi, My name is Carl. I live in the Netherlands. I have a 2.8 F1 Supersport Capri and a French MK2 1.6 Blackbird JPS. You can look for more information and photo's on my webside http://www.fordcapri.eu/

I'm also owner of the Dutch Ford Capri forum. http://www.capriforumnederland.nl/

Greetz N-spoorder

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby atomic4 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:47 pm

Hi Carl & welcome to the forum.Looks like you've got some great classics. :welcome:

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby Iwan22 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:39 pm

I was, up until recently based in South Wales but this year emigrated to the big ol' USA :lowrider:

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby mark1982 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:00 pm

hi. im from wrexham north wales and have a black 2.8. been doing her up for over 5 years now but she is a good solid macine and only done 90,000

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby B7ADA » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:28 pm

I'm newish on here too from north Staffordshire ( potteries) hi everyone !

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby Fordoholic Nick » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:45 pm

B7ADA wrote:I'm newish on here too from north Staffordshire ( potteries) hi everyone !

:welcome: to the forum !

Lots of really friendly folk here with a wealth of Capri knowledge. No question too big or too small...or it that too small or too big :? :lol:

Anyhow mate great to have another new member on board and look forward to seeing some pics of your Capri at some stage...and of course talking with you some more :)

All the best


PS I was just looking at why you were saying you were "newish" to this forum when you had joined up in April 2014 ??? then I realised I was looking at my own profile...you will get used to this from me :doh:
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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby B7ADA » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:16 am

Thanks for the reply ... I am looking for a Capri as a collectors car ( posted in sale & wanted ) I have a couple to consider already I have great memories of Capri's as my dad had many I currently drive a VW Amarok for work my fiancée & I have an Audi Q5 & my toy is a MK 1 Audi TT roadster the capri is an investment for when I get old ! I am looking for something really nice and original as possible .... thanks for the welcome !

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby casey220 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:53 pm

Retroho wrote:Hello,
My name is Ivan, I am from Norwich in norfolk. Drive a 2.8i every day. In the family we have another MINT 2.81 and a 2.0 laser with only 1 owner and 36k on clock.

Here is an email i recived reguarding Norfolk people. Made me laugh. ( Just abit of fun )

What us locals really Mean!!!

as they say, "I can't read an I can't rite, but I can drive a traakter"

Norwich ( pronounced Naaaaaarch ) was invented in 1923 and is kept in
Norfolk where it has lived for the past 83 years.

Norwich has a population of approximately 2500 of which 2438 are
each other and the rest are classed as " Furriners" who have
decided to settle in Norwich from beyond the great Horizon.


Here are some useful Norwich phrases and words:

Naarigde Yoonyun - Major Norfolk employer

Thang Kyer - Spoken at high speed, used by Norfolk shop assistants
accepting money.

How're yer getting arn buh? - Norfolk greeting

Rup Bah - Variation on the above

Hair - Here

Shicagoo's - Nightspot on Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

Bare - Sold by the pint in Shicagoo's

Is that roight? - Comment to show that attention is being paid to the

Ass a Jook - I'm just kidding

Khazi - Suburb on the western edge of Narridge

Tross - Suburb on the southside of Narridge

Windam - Small town south of Narridge (Sensible abbreviation of it's
name : Wymundimunidundim)

Loose-tarfed - East coast fishing port

Card - Traditionally eaten with chips, might well have been caught off

KooDee - Discount shop at the top of St Stephens, Norwich

Hum Base - DIY store

Fooze - Electrical component on sale at Hum Base

Fool - Petrol or Diesel

Stoop ud - Term applied to very silly people

Gatoo - Sticky chocolate cake

Foo too or Fota - Get these developed at Boots

Sproight - Fizzy lemon drink

Boost - To Brag about ones achievements

Jargon - Like running, but at a more leisurely pace

Ar ya orrite, bor - Good Morning

Ar ya orrite, bor Good Afternoon

Ar ya orrite, bor - Good Evening

Hay ya gittin arn tagether? - Hello

Yow siller owld fule - Comment made to someone displaying "backward"

How fer ar ya doin' bor? - How are you?

Loight ar$e - Lighthouse

Haysbra (Happisburgh) - Coastal village with a loight ar$e

Hunstan Hunstanton - Coastal village

Furriners - People who come from anywhere outside of Thetford

Thas a rumman - Not quite up to scratch

Blast Bor, yow git a ding-a-tha-lug - I'm going to hit you now

Fare t' middlin - I'm doing quite well

Bishy Barny Bee - A Ladybird

Thas a Bit on the Huh - That's a bit wonky/uneven

Traa'er - a farming vehicle

cumbine airvista - an agricultural vehicle

carra rud - a place where narj people go to watch their football team

ur day - to day

wot yoo up to urday - what are you doing today

ouver hair / ouver ere - im over here

i / yoo/ ee/ shee gooo - i/ you / hee/ she went to/ goes to

ci'ee - as in naaarch ci'ee a place for shopping

noo idare - no idea/ don't know

gunna - going to

im rob im 27 from norfolk and laughed like fook at this


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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby Vermilion » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:59 am

Hello, I am Roni from Finland, to be precise eastern Finland. 200km from border of Russia.

I am father of single Mk1 facelift Capri.

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Re: Where is everyone from?

Postby Jasonmarie » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:34 pm

Hi Iam Jason from Kent have have been in to capris all my life as a child I would go to work with my grandad as he was on call for Fords Dagenham and I was allowed to sit in all the new capris waiting to go to there new owners down the Dagenham Dock . In the 70s & 80s ( good old days )
Have just got my self a 1987 2.0 laser in Mercury Grey . Hoping to do some shows this year .

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