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Post by turbo-mike » Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:39 pm

Whats the best tyres you can get for your car, personally I like goodyears but would like to hear your opinions.
Mickey c

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depends Mikey what u use yer capri for and how you use it!!!

Post by tck » Mon Jul 30, 2007 10:24 pm

too many things come into play when deciding whats best tyre choice etc.....so bloody stupid question Mr Cross!...Ha ha....seriously tho', obviously for tyre life you gotta buy a treadwear number above 320...(wonder how many people know bout that one lol)....higher the number the longer they last!...soft tyres will have low number and wear out quicker BUT grip like a good un when u prob need it the most!....my Fav is the Yoko....good track day tyre...looks **** hot tread pattern on a fast car too!...and if ya drive hard on the street i reckon you cant beat Toyo Proxy's....directional tread pattern with very good grip in wet AND dry....in my early days of capris i loved the "General" tyres...they had such hard compound (high treadwear number) but the buggers gripped well too for a hard tyre....nowadays as a good capri tyre the Falkens take a lot of beating...ZE 512 pattern if i recall....horses for courses i suppose at end of day...but talking fast track day tyres only Yokos or prob Toyos worth talking bout.

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